Barnes & Noble Won't Be Getting a Color Reader From Plastic Logic Anytime Soon

When a (claimed) Barnes & Noble rep said that the company's imminent ebook reader would be color, some folks over at Plastic Logic, B&N's hardware partner, were listening intently. Mainly because they had no idea what he was talking about.


Says the company:

The video report is inaccurate and the individual (who was apparently filmed while attending a trade show was not an authorized Barnes & Noble spokesperson) was misinformed.

We are excited to have Barnes & Noble powering the Plastic Logic e-commerce store. While color is on Plastic Logic's roadmap, it is not on the map for the Spring of 2010. Plastic Logic has said for quite some time it is working on color, but not for a product in the coming year

So not only was the dude wrong, he might not have even been a Barnes & Noble representative at all. Which is frustrating, sure, but also kind of awesome.

In light of all this drama, let's take a step back to the innocent days, you know, before the Fall of Rumor. Here's what we had: Months ago, B&N was tied to Plastic Logic in a fleeting rumor that the two would make an ebook reader together. Since then, B&N has opened their store to others, but fueled the rumor of a branded reader with an FCC filing. Then the WSJ stuck their necks out to say that the reader is coming as early as next month.

Things got interesting when we got a tip from within B&N that the device would run Android, which is a categorically fantastic idea. And finally, an October 20th release date re-materialized, alongside a theory that the reader would allow person-to-person book sharing.


And so now, as then, we sit waiting. Just, a little wiser. [PCPro via Geek]




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