Bathe With the Bears Using Sea to Summit's Pocket Shower

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Usually camping and showering are either/or activities, but for those of you who absolutely have to cart the body wash and loofah into the wild, the Pocket Shower from Sea to Summit could be for you.

The 2.6 gallon Pocket Shower sports a compact showerhead that operates with twisting on/off valve. Bathers can adjust the stream to produce a slow trickle, or open it up completely for a dousing 8-minute power shower. Want a warm shower for those cool, crisp camping mornings? Leave the black fabric out in the sun.

Alternatively, the Pocket Shower can also be used as a dry sack to transport clothes, a sleeping bag, or those aforementioned beauty products no self-respecting city slicker would be without on the open range. [Sea to Summit]