Battle Zombies with Guns and Plants, Play Tennis, and Sudoku Gets Alphabetical

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It's getting too cold to play tennis at the local courts. Running around in those tiny shorts hitting a ball isn't nearly as fun when there's a foot of snow on the ground. For the low price of nothing, you can play tennis on your iPhone and leave the courts to the snowmen. Plus, you can take on zombies with guns or plants for a buck. And sudoku and crossword puzzle had a baby, all in today's best app deals.

iOS: Resident Evil 4 iPad Edition - $1

Is it Resident Evil's fault everyone loves zombies? Actually, that's George Romero's fault. Damn you George, you magnificent bastard. Anywho, the rail shooter takes you through Raccoon City shooting zombies and probably investigating something. The plot is really secondary to exploding rotting flesh. Be careful though, shaking your iPad to reload seems like an accident waiting to happen. Dropped from $7 to $1. [AppShopper]


iOS: Real Tennis - Free

This isn't that fake tennis you that's been corrupting the youth of American. This is the real deal. Real as in a video game for your iPhone that based on actual real tennis. The game has eight players to choose from and seven stadiums to volley, serve, and smash that little yellow ball. Play against your friends via local Wi-Fi and be sure to make those grunting noises when you hit the ball. Dropped from $5 to Free. [Apps-aholic]


iOS: Plants vs. Zombies - $1

Oh boy, another zombie game. At this point if you don't have Plants vs. Zombies on your iPhone, you're really just hurting yourself. Use your plants to keep zombies from invading your home over the course of 50 levels. This is probably the best tower defense game ever created. It's only a $1, why are you still reading this? Download it. Dropped from $3 to $1. [Appsylum]


Android: Wordoku - Free


One day sudoku and and a crossword puzzle went on a date. They had a little too much to drink and nine months later, you got Wordoku. Like sudoku, each 3x3 box contains nine letters that are only used once. As you solve the boxes, you get closer to finding the hidden word. Find the hidden word and advance to the next level. Perfect for word nerds and people with OCD. Dropped from $1 to Free [Apps-aholic]