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Baymax's First Trailer Pits One Wellness Robot Against a Healthcare Crisis

Big Hero 6's Baymax is back, this time in his own series on Disney+.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The animated Baymax covered in band-aids standing before a classroom full of children.
Baymax giving a presentation to school children.
Screenshot: Disney

Though Baymax, the gentle, Stay Puft-like wellness robot member of Big Hero 6 ended up helping save the world with his combat abilities, he was originally created to help and heal people who suffered from different kinds of injuries. In Baymax, Disney+’s upcoming episodic followup to 2014's Big Hero 6, Baymax stars as he settles into life back in San Fransokyo where there happen to be plenty of people in need of his specific brand of care.

As part of this year’s Disney+ Day deluge of new trailers—keep refreshing io9 today—the House of Mouse released a fresh look at Baymax focused on the many different situations the robot will find himself in as he focuses on his nurturing prime directive.

Instead of strapping his red armor on to fly around the city, Baymax appears content to mozy around until randomly bumping into civilians who are hurt and taking it upon himself to remedy them. What’s interesting to see is that Baymax seems much more focused on putting Baymax in situations where his patients need to be reminded of the simple, easy steps they can take to better their health overall—not as glamorous as catching people from falling buildings, but it’s a form of life-saving all the same.


There’s something a bit ironic to the emphasis Baymax puts on people getting up and out of their houses rather than, say staying inside and being glued to a screen while consuming a streaming series, especially considering that Baymax is set to his Disney+ next summer.

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