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BBC Bringing Crumpets, Three New Channels With Ads to YouTube

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apparently, YouTube's been quite busy behind the scenes, despite being shunned by Viacom. The NYT reports that they've managed to line up over 1,000 partnerships with content providers at a pace of 200 a quarter, most of them smaller, independent outlets.


The big fish in the growing pond though is the BBC, which YouTube has locked up for a multi-year deal to create two entertainment channels and a news channel. Interestingly, the news and one of the entertainment channels will have ads placed by AdSense. According to the BBC, there will "possibly pre-roll adverts (shown as part of the video clip) as well." On top of that, because of the ads, the news channel will be off-limits to UKers because it's ad-supported.

I'm suddenly not as psyched as I was when I first read the headline...

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