Be Glad This Early Tron 2 Script Didn't Get Filmed. Also, Lost's Producers Narrate Next Week's Episode

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Will any elements from Tron Legacy's face-clawingly awful early script make it into the final movie? Let's hope not. Supernatural plans to break your heart. Plus Lost, The Crazies, Nightmare On Elm St., Chuck, V and FlashForward spoilers.


Oh, and not only am I sticking the Lost spoilers at the bottom for easy scrolling, I'm also putting the least spoilery items at the beginning and end of the Lost bloc, to minimize the chances you'll see something as you scroll past, Lost spoiler-phobes. Least we can do, really.

Tron Legacy:

We already linked to one review of this movie's script, back in June, but there's a new, quite damning, script review online. However, it's a review of a very early draft, from back when this film was still called Tr2n, and there have been tons of rewrites by Lost's Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis since. It's also entirely possible this is a fake, since it bears little resemblance to the plot descriptions for Tron Legacy we've come across. Still, it's possible some elements linger on.

The film starts with the hacker-proof firewall at Encom, known as X-Net, being breached — and it transpires that the intruder is Tron, who's so obsolete and old-school, the firewall doesn't register him as a threat. X-Net responds with counter-intrusion measures called X-Takks, but Tron gets away. Ecom chief security programmer Rush Nortebi is frantic — especially since Encom is preparing to market X-Net as the perfect unstoppable firewall for other businesses. So Encom CEO Sinclair tells Rush to find the intruder, and this leads Rush and his colleague Megan to open up Flynn's lab, which has been sealed since Flynn was either destroyed or trapped inside the computer years earlier. Rush decides to go inside the computer himself.

Of course, it all goes wrong, and Rush is trapped in the cyber-world. He also gets captured by Megan's cyber-counterpart, a security program called Mega, who takes him to the CPU, known as Plexor — which is Sinclair's cyber-counterpart. Rush convinces Plexor and Mega that Tron is behind the intrusions, and even though they don't believe that Rush is really a User, they agree to let him go after Tron. He teams up with three other programs: Krod, I-Beem, and a giant King Kong-esque formatting program called D-Rezz, who throws "Romballs" that derezz data. They set a trap for Tron in the old game grid. At first Tron gets away, but then Rush catches him and de-rezzes him, taking his code disk.

Then Rush meets Flynn, who reveals that Sinclair/Plexor is the bad guy, and Mega is secretly a double agent, working for Flynn. Sinclair plans to seize control over all computer systems worldwide, with his X-Net program. As Flynn says this, back in the "real" world, ATMs, traffic lights and cellphones all go berzerk, and every TV screen in the world starts showing the same ad for Encom's X-Net software — and instead of marching on Encom's HQ with torches, everybody decides to order three copies of X-Net each.


It turns out that I-Beem is spying for Plexor, who captures Mega and tries to reprogram her. Flynn unleashes "code monkeys" to hack the "Hologon," which would allow him shut down X-Net before it seizes control of everything. And then Rush discovers that he, alone, can use the Tron data disc — and Rush becomes "Tron-ified."

In the final showdown, I-Beem changes sides again, and joins the good guys as they face an onslaught of not only X-Takks, but Cybavors as well. Flynn has a confrontation with Plexor. Rush manages to use the Hologon to shut down X-Net. Everybody, including Flynn, gets back to the real world, where Flynn tells Sinclair he's fired and under arrest. Rush kisses Megan. The end.


Let's be glad this script, even if it's real, probably bears almost no resemblance to the finished product — since there's no mention of Flynn's son, among other things. And yet, you never know if I-Beem or D-Rezz the giant computer ape will turn up, right? [Blue Sky Disney]

The Crazies:

Timothy Olyphant plays Sheriff Dutton, whose dad was sheriff before him and never fired his gun. As the film begins, a local pig farmer walks onto the baseball field during a game, and Dutton has to gun him down in front of everyone. And it just gets (wait for it) crazier from there on, as the mysterious disease sweeps the town. But there are moments of comedy too. [Sci Fi Wire]


And here are a few clips you might not have seen:

Nightmare On Elm St.:

Here's a new TV spot for this slashtastic movie:


Nooooo Bobby! Producer (and upcoming showrunner) Sera Gamble talks about the pivotal 100th episode, airing April 15:

[A] very important character will sacrifice themselves in a suicide mission. We definitely kept in mind that this was [an important] episode. We wanted to deliver something with real scope; it's about the Archangel Michael. Crises will come to a head for Dean and Castiel. And you'll see characters you never thought you'd see again.


Actually, maybe it's not Bobby. It could be Chuck — whose death would automatically bring an archangel to visit, IIRC. [EW]


Sasha Ruiz talks about what's next for Sam Adama and company:

I think everyone's life is going to get more complicated. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch. You're going to see a lot of characters being put in very compromising situations and having to make very difficult decisions for themselves and others. Things get a lot more complex for Sam, certainly with his loyalties. There seems to be a disconnect at one point between his loyalties to the mob and his loyalties to his home life and it's going to put him in very precarious situations.


[Edge Boston via CapricaTV]

And here are some promo stills for the March 5 episode, "Know Thy Enemy." [CapricaTV]


And a new promo video called "The End Of Everything":


A new promo for this show's return on March 30:


Another new promo for this future-looking program. Why is the idea that there's going to be another blackout the most shocking possibility of all? It seems like there could be a lot more shocking possibilities than that. Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, Dimitri won't turn into a bad guy, but he is going to start testing how much he can change his fate, starting out with a fairly dramatic action in the next episode. His storyline is the crux of the show's fate-vs-free-will theme. [TV Guide]


Ravi Kapoor will play Malik, a guy whom Aaron Stark meets when he travels to Afghanistan in search of answers about his daughter's military service and disappearance. [TV Guide]


The March 15 episode, directed by Zachary Levi, is a true game-changer. Also, there are a bunch of possibly true, possibly false spoilers for Monday's episode, and I'm too lazy to try and sort out which is true. I'm guessing we will really see Brandon Routh shirtless and Chuck really will kiss Hannah. [EW]


Meanwhile, some unambiguously true spoilers: Someone will get fired. Someone will give birth. Someone (else) learns Chuck's secret. And someone who's not a spy is in deep danger. Also, the Subway product placement is going to get a lot less subtle. [TV Guide]


Here are some promo pics and a couple sneak peeks from Tuesday's new episode, "Sundown". [SpoilersLost and Doc Arzt]

Once again, we almost certainly won't be seeing Walt again — but there's an odd hint that the weird child who taunted Smokey in last week's episode was connected to Walt somehow, or might allow us to see the end of Walt's storyline in another form. [TV Guide]


Some set pics prove that Smokey is very interested in that Ajira airplane. [Hawaii on Flickr via SpoilersLost]

Producers Cuse and Lindelof basically explain the whole plot of the next episode. Seriously. [Doc Arzt]

There won't be episodes focusing specifically on Miles, Frank, Ilana or Claire, at least not before episode 6x15 — and probably not after that either. The good news is, we'll get a lot of those characters in other people's "flash-sideways." [EW]


Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.



I know there was no spoiler for this film today, but I saw a preview showing of Hot Tub Time Machine last night. It was... funny. Gross, and excessive boobies at times, but ultimately funny. Definitely marketed to the 18-25 straight male crowd.

Not to give anything away (I will carefully avoid solid spoilers here) but Chevy Chase is a peripheral character at best, and surprisingly, Rob Cordury's character has the best 'journey' in the film, though I'm betting it was supposed to be Cusak's character. The other two guys get some good screen time as well. And Crispin Glover's character is great comic relief every time he's on screen.

When they first arrive in the past, there are some brilliant nods to 80's movies past, especially to "Better Off Dead" which NOBODY in the theatre got but me (it was a bunch of college kids in the audience)

There is also a moment of breaking the 4th wall that was possibly the funniest moment in the film, because of the deadpan delivery by actor Craig Robinson.

The "science' behind why they travel back will have purists cringing, but they play it off nicely in the film.

All in all, it's a nice diversion, but don;t look for anything brilliant.