Beautiful drone footage shows the endless color of flower fields

Flower fields are such a wonderful place to spend an entire day or stumble upon happenstance or purposely get lost in. The colors are breathtaking, the rows are perfectly manicured and it feels like it totally shouldn't exist. Here is drone footage of the Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands.

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That’s not actually the Keukenhof - it’s the fields outside the keukenhof. Assuming the tulips are in bloom right now, then this is exactly the right time of year to go, too. In a couple of week’s time, all that will be gone. The prime two weeks for this display changes every year based on temperature and rainfall, so it’s a total crapshoot if you’re an overseas tourist trying to catch the gardens and the outlying fields at their best. We managed it on the third attempt. The first two we were late by a week and all that was left was fields of green stalks or dirt and the gardens themselves were devoid of tulips (but had plenty more things to see).

Tip 1 : go early. If you arrive much after 11am it’s a total zoo.

Tip 2: use the rear gate, not the main gate.