The BeBook Live is set to be filed away as yet another Android tablet you probably won't use. It's handsome enough, but its middling specs and dated OS make it a downright throwaway.

The Live has a 7-inch screen and boasts a 2MP front-facing camera, 1080p HDMI out, and Flash support. Fair enough. 4Gb of built-in memory is meh. But the inclusion of the now really old Android 2.2 is just confusing. People like LG had to stick gimmicky 3D onto their G-Slate to even stand out in a glutted Android tablet market, and this is touting Froyo? Why? When it's far and away a bad choice for tablets. Who knows, and who cares. Even at $279, you're not really doing yourself a favor buying this thing come June. [Engadget]