BeBook Live Tablet Launching With Froyo for No Good Reason

Illustration for article titled BeBook Live Tablet Launching With Froyo for No Good Reason

The BeBook Live is set to be filed away as yet another Android tablet you probably won't use. It's handsome enough, but its middling specs and dated OS make it a downright throwaway.


The Live has a 7-inch screen and boasts a 2MP front-facing camera, 1080p HDMI out, and Flash support. Fair enough. 4Gb of built-in memory is meh. But the inclusion of the now really old Android 2.2 is just confusing. People like LG had to stick gimmicky 3D onto their G-Slate to even stand out in a glutted Android tablet market, and this is touting Froyo? Why? When it's far and away a bad choice for tablets. Who knows, and who cares. Even at $279, you're not really doing yourself a favor buying this thing come June. [Engadget]


Why is it confusing? The ViewSonic ViewPad is a nice little device if you want to check email, the web, read a book, etc. The form factor is becoming very popular with sales guys who are always on the road, and 2.2 doesn't get in the way at all. It's called functional, and if it gets us to these kinds of low price points, it's especially functional.