This is a very niche product for a.) those who want to move overseas with their dogs, or b.) Mariah Carey. Who knew dogs needed additional oxygen supplies when flying at altitudes above 8,000 feet?

Developed by 4 Paws Aviation, the Supplemental Oxygen Supply Hood aims to ward of hypoxia, keeping enough oxygen floating in your pooch's bloodstream so he can keep a big smile on his face like the model-dog above. Though I can't say for certain that dog is actually alive, mind you.


With a similar design to the cone used by vets to keep dogs from licking wounds, the hood is fastened by velcro and attaches to either an oxygen bottle or the oxygen supply onboard the plane.

In case this is all sounding like a Very Good Idea, you might be interested to hear that the company also produces clothes, earmuffs and "doggles" for the canine species, too. [4 Paws Aviation via GizMag]

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