BedBunker: Sleep Soundly with WWIII Under Your Pillow

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I can't speak for everyone here, but if I could sleep every night atop my 32 rifles or 70 handguns, I'd just worry that the Boogie Man would find a way to arm himself.

The BedBunker is a 1300lb 10 gauge steel strongbox that locks your arsenal away safely with a hydraulic gas-assist piston—even in a fire. Withstanding up to 1533 degrees for 2 hours, the BedBunker keeps your guns safe from your extensive napalm collection, making $2,200+ a small price to pay for a good night of your guns' sleep. [BedBunker via Uncrate via OhGizmo!]

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I can't imagine putting a mattress on top of a vault is more comfortable than, say, using a boxspring.

Leaving aside the comfort compromise here, how convenient is it getting to your firearms if you have to move the mattress off the top of the bed? Isn't that the excuse after all, that you need an AK-47 for home defense? My mattress is effing heavy. A burglar might notice if I start moving it around the master bedroom.