Beer Me, Says Beermat

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Tired of waiting for the bartender to get you your next beer? There may be a light at the end of your tunnel. An intelligent beermat that not only absorbs your spills, but also sends a signal to the bar for a refill when your glass is almost empty. Brings tears to my eyes it does. The coaster has two sensors, "one that can measure the weight of a glass that's resting on it, and a gravity sensor so it can know whether it's flipped upside down." No weight of course means that someone has lifted their glass. When drinks are low, a light could blink at the bar letting your waiter know it's time for a refill. Right now, it would cost about $100 to make just one of these mats, but put it in mass production and who knows?

Hi-tech beermats for 21st Century [BBC News]


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