Behold: Last week's Solar Eclipse over Antarctica

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Did you catch last week's solar eclipse? Did you even know there was a solar eclipse last week? It's okay if you didn't — turns out it was only visible from high latitudes in the southern hemisphere, so chances are you wouldn't have been able to spot it anyway.

But fortunately for all of us, photographer Carlos Zelayeta, who was stationed at a remote Argentine outpost in Antarctica, did. (Click here for the hi-res version.) According to NASA:

From a camera positioned at San Martín Station (Argentina) near the antarctic peninsula mountain range, the picture looks toward the south and east. The Sun and silhouetted lunar disk are seen through thin, low clouds. Perhaps fittingly, the mountainous slope in the foreground is part of the larger Roman Four Promontory, named for its craggy, snow covered face that resembles the Roman numeral IV [last week's was the fourth, and final, partial solar eclipse of 2011].


Photograph by Carlos Zelayeta via NASA