Beijing's IKEA Is Apparently a Great Place for a Snooze

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Whenever I visit IKEA, I immediately tense up—ten thousand kinds of wardrobe! It fries the nerves. Not so in Beijing, where shoppers have appropriated the store as a serene, padded lounge—and are passed out all over the place.

Perhaps the most amazing part of these photos, snapped by writer Zach Honig, is the extent to which the inert, at times corpselike bodies of sleeping visitors are ignored. Honig caught this too, observing, "people didn't even seem to notice as others slept on the piece of furniture they were examining for purchase."


This father and son scene is sort of sweet, if you put aside that it's taking place inside a public store the size of an aircraft carrier.


This, however, is just disturbing. Was this guy tasered in the back or is he actually resting?

I guess I'd be lying if I said I never considered resting my eyes a bit after gorging myself on cheap Swedish meatballs. [Zach Honig - Thanks, Casey!]