Belkin FlyWire Wireless Video Cable Does 1080p Across Nothin'

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We saw this Belkin wireless high definition video streamer in a blurry shot, but had little clue what it was. Months ago, we saw an impressive demo by Amimon of true HD over wireless, up to 1080p using a standard called WHDI, but it was nothing more than parts you couldn't buy. No more. Belkin and Amimon just got together to make this 6 input wireless video device, although details aren't that forthcoming, this is how it works:

One set enables uncompressed 720p and 1080i video to be transmitted over the 5GHz wireless band, using 20MHz of bandwidth and reaching distances up to 100 feet with the same quality as HDMI cable. Two of the chipsets ganged together send 1080p video wirelessly, using 40MHz of bandwidth.


Range is a theoretical 100 feet. Now we have no idea if these inputs are HDMI, component or other, but I'm guessing the WHDI interface is at least HDMI for the simplicity of handling AV through a single cable, and given the size of the box, you don't really have room for 6 sets of component cables using 5 jacks each. More as it comes, at CES. UPDATE: Looks like its an all HDMI affair. [Thanks tipster, previously on Giz: Belkin and Amimon]



I'll see it when I believe it.