Belkin Makes iPod Into Recording Studio

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

This is a bit of a head-scratcher, but Belkin has gone to the trouble of building a mixing board that records music onto Gen 5 iPods (those that support video). The TuneStudio is the first four-channel mixer for iPods, claims Belkin (and we're inclined to believe it, since the idea never even occurred to us). It supports 16-bit, 44-kHz audio, and each channel has a three-band equalizer.


Why you'd want to record your next indie music hit onto an easily losable, low-fi handheld with a fragile hard drive instead of onto a nice Mac or PC computer is a mystery. And if you do, make sure your iTunes is set for manual synching, or else it will erase your precious creations whenever you dock the iPod.

Anyway, it's a swank-looking device, judging by Belkin's artist rendering. The TuneStudio goes on sale this summer, for $180.



In a rehearsal environment, most musicians are not going to lug around their G4 with their digital mackie mixer. The TuneStudio allows for easy and instant recording into an almost standardized mobile hard drive that easily synch with recording software like garage band. Recordings onto the TuneStudio/iPod set up is NOT IN ANY WAY to be considered as final studio quality. It however will faithfully capture rehearsals and live gigs.

Additionally, the TuneStudio is a must for any musician on the road as it allows for the instant and easy capture of inspiration (i.e. demo's) wherever you may be.

The TuneStudio also is a DAT alternative.

Although a tune studio without a battery really isn't a DAT because it always need to be plugged in.

Also, the TuneStudio makes an excellent audio "hub" for a small home studio environment for hobbyists. You have independent controls for speakers and headphones, making it a very convenient command center for a small computer-based studio. You can route digital or analog audio to and from your computer for multitrack recording, play guitar or sing along with audio from your iPod, or quickly record a song idea to your iPod or computer to share with friends or bandmates.