Illustration for article titled Bellings Media Chef Addresses Unmet, Imaginary Demand for More Digital Recipe Displays

The Bellings Media Chef digitally displays recipe videos while you cook. Now, I'm not saying you could do this with your laptop and save money, but I am totally telling you could do this with your laptop and save money.

Or better yet, do what I do: Forget this thing and take out one of those archaic dead tree cookbooks, turn a few pages, and read the mysterious "ink" that resides on them.


No? Still craving the frame? OK, then some details... The $271 8-inch digital frame plays 48 instructional videos featuring chef Brian Turner. The action can be controlled by the included remote control, which we hope is waterproof or otherwise protected from flying food in some way.

When not in use, say the day after Christmas when this goes into the closet forever, the frame doubles as a calendar and photo frame. Bon appétit, chumps! [Appliancist via Engadget]

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