Ben Affleck Is Well On His Way to Becoming the Most Murderous Movie Batman

In the comics, one of Batman’s most sacred virtues is to never kill his foes. That’s not been the case in his cinematic incarnations, where Batman is more than happy to murder dozens of people to get the job done. The latest Batman though, even after one movie, is setting himself up to be the most brutal take ever.


Yes, YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies is back with another stellar kill count video, this time turning his attention to the Batfleck himself and his kill-happy jaunt through the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Oh God Batman Stop Shooting Them Jesus Christ No. To no surprise given Zack Snyder’s love of deconstructing iconic heroes showing heroes murdering the shit out of people, the latest Batman loves himself a bit of casual murder. Check it out:

Not counting Bruce’s dream of a dystopian, Superman-ruled future—in which, of course, Bruce dreams about gunning down a bunch of guys rather happily—in all, Batman kills 21 people in Batman v Superman. In Mr. Sunday’s past compilation, across five incarnations (seven movies and the 1966 TV show) Batman killed 45 people. Seven movies and a TV show, and Batfleck is nearly half way to that number after just one movie.

In a few years time after Justice League and the solo Batman film, when Batman ascends to the throne he has constructed out of the skulls of his deceased foes, he’ll probably have killed quite a few more than the rest of his fellow Batmen combined.

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