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Supercut: All the People That Batman Has Killed Throughout His Movie Career

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of Batman’s most recognizable features beyond his costume, gadgets, and awesome cars is his first rule of crimefighting: No Killing. But as this supercut shows, the Dark Knight’s movie incarnations certainly don’t mind breaking that rule every once in a while.

The excellent video from Youtuber Mr. Sunday Movies tallies up each time a Batman movie (and even the 1966 Batman TV series) had Bats actually kill one of his opponents, be it through explosive weaponry or, mostly tossing them off very high ledges. And yes, it includes all the times that Batman was directly responsible for someone’s death—even when he pulls his “I’m not killing you, just not stopping you from dying” line in Batman Begins. Fess up, Bruce, that totally still counts. One thing’s for sure though: the movie incarnations of Batman certainly have a lot of red in their respective ledgers. Maybe they should compare notes with the Black Widow.

Need even more Bat-goodness in your life today? We’re also loving this excellent Clickhole video about The Dark Knight Rises, lampooning the needlessly nitpicky style of the likes of “Everything Wrong With...” or “Cinema Sins”. While we’ve been prone to posting a few of those video series in the past, it’s hard not to love this not-so-subtle mockery of their tiresome party-pooping nature sometimes.


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