BengalBoys Grease the Lens, Make a Call - JawBone Headset

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I'll admit one thing. The BengalBoys sure know their presentation, although this set of images/reviews is a bit over-the-top. First off, they have their huge "DON'T STEAL ME" banner over everything—fair enough. Then they have the lens so greased that it looks like Penthouse circa-1975 and you can't even tell what they're reviewing.

Well, we stopped looking at the pictures long enough to unequivocally state that they're reviewing the NextLink's "Invisio Mobile" JawBone Headset, of which they say very little. Instead, they show a lot of pictures of guns and PDAs.


BengalBoy & "The Kittens" Pull Out the "Big Guns" on NextLink's "Invisio Mobile" JawBone Headset!! [BengalBoy]

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