BenQ Takes T's Name in Vain with New T60 Mobile

Illustration for article titled BenQ Takes T's Name in Vain with New T60 Mobile

Don't know who BenQ is, but sucka's been taking my name in vain. Look at his new cellphone—T60 he calls it—is like me, but then it's not like me. So, let's look at it in detail, shall we? It's black. That's like me. It's slim. That's not like me.


One thing it does have a handy little thing to let you block calls, which means that fool Murdock can't bug me no more, pretending to be Hulk Hogan. Funnily enough, my fist does the same job. What else is like me?

It's got 24MB internal memory. That's not like me. It's got an integrated stereo FM radio with scheduled recording function. Not like me. Micro SD card slot. Not like me either. Bluetooth? NOT LIKE ME. USB connectivity? Mr. Period. T is getting angry now. Standby is 200 hours—yeah, I can do that. Finally, jibber-jabber time is just three hours. That all? What do you think T stands for? [MobileWhack]



What the hell? I go to sleep and when i come back, I have no idea what is going on. I don't think I've skipped so many articles since I've been reading Gizmodo. But by all means, keep up the Mr. T posts! How about some chuck norris posts next? Or maybe some posts by LoLcats? The sky is the limit!