Best Buy Mails Tiny Photo Paper in Massive Box

How much packaging is necessary to ship a small package of 4"x6" photo paper, Best Buy?

Let's put it this way. If our reader had ordered two packs of photo paper, the world's rainforests would be but a pile of sawdust, plus enough air would be trapped within plastic polyair bubbles to make a simple walk around the block into a death-defying Everest summit.

Instead, the Earth chooses to kill us slowly, having deemed the prospect of a swift, global-scale execution too painless. [Thanks Jeromy!]


UPDATE from the tipster: "I ordered a printer from Bestbuy, and the paper came free with the order. I do not make it a practice to buy paper in small quantities online, as it is generally not cost effective, but when it was free, I thought "what the hell."

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