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Best Of CES: The VV Perspective

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CES 2006 has come and gone, but there was some really innovative and awesome stuff there. Here are five things that stood out from everything else:

Philips Entertaible - This LCD screen-turned-board game is totally new and designed for commercial use in bars and restaurants. It's 100% interactive with touchscreen capability and the Taxi game that was on it was lots of fun. Kiss your board games goodbye.


LG 102" Plasma TV - 102" Plasma TV that takes over 30 minutes to warm up and get going. Still a prototype, but the quality was still sweet and 1080p. Even better than a home theater is this thing. Too bad it'll probably never see the light of day or a Best Buy.

Pioneer Inno Portable XM Receiver - Finally, a decent portable iPod-sized XM receiver from Pioneer. The Inno does both MP3 and XM Radio so you really can't go too wrong unless you're deaf. The screen is wicked, the interface isn't too shabby, and the sound quality is excellent. The must-have item for the XM enthusiast.


Motorola ROKR E2 - Still not the perfect phone, but the improvements made over the E1 make it worth your while. A Linux-based system is used instead of the horrible Motorola UI, any headphones can be used with the 3.5mm jack, and a whole lot more. The screen is hot, too, with 262k colors at 320x240. Plus it's compatible with Motorola's upcoming iRadio. Be sure to check it out when it's released.

The Googolboard - Such a blatant ripoff of the company everyone loves. A generic, colored keyboard with a silly name. Who could resist? Exactly.

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