Best of Gizmodo - Elimination Round 2

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We have been doing this Best of Gizmodo for damn near two weeks now, so if you don't know what is going on you either: A. Need to come to Gizmodo a lot more often, or B. Pay attention. Today we are eliminating two more competitors. Remember, you vote for the product that you want to stay in the running for best of the year. Whichever products garner the least votes will be eliminated. On Friday we will have the final two gizmos competing for the top dog for 2005 in a poll format. In this poll you may submit an e-mail address with your vote and after all is said and done we will be giving away a $500 Circuit City gift card to one lucky individual.

Today we bid farewell to another Apple product, gasp! See you later iMac G5, I'm sure our paths will cross in the future. Second to go today is the fabulous TiVo. Even though you are out of the running for best gizmo, you still hold a place in my heart by keeping all of my Lost, Survivor and Smallville episodes recorded for later viewing.

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