Big Bendy Clock

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Watch company Citizen announced the development of an e-paper-like technology for use as a clock. "Yawn", I hear you say — but wait, Citizen's e-paper is really BIG. Measuring 4.2 feet x 1.7 feet, Citizen's giant, bendable timepiece can reportedly run for a whole year on two regular button batteries. That's all very well, but I'm skeptical about the real-world uses a bendable clock might have. Given the way digits appear on a digital clock like this, asking a friend what the time is when this thing is half bent around a corner would elicit a response such as "well, it's either 1:45, 7:45, 8:45 or 9:45." Which might be a lot less useful than, say, looking at my watch.


Citizen's Big Bendy Clock. No, Clock [The Daily Yomiuri]