Bill Gates Gives Away $306 Million, Goes Green Acres

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Apparently money has burned quite the hole in Bill Gates' philanthropic pocket, as during this week's World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Gates pledged $306 million in grants to fund farming in in poor/developing countries through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. To the audience he said:

If we are serious about ending extreme hunger and poverty around the world, we must be serious about transforming agriculture for small farmers, most of whom are women...The challenge here is to design a system including profit and recognition to do more for the poor.


I dunno, Apple. The way things have been going lately, maybe that giant head* on the big screen wasn't to be feared after all.

Yes, before our commenters flip out, we realize the 1984 spot was a shot at IBM, not Microsoft. [cnn]

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Yeah, lets all help other countries since we are all so rich... dumbass. While kids are starving in America, you want to help a bunch of other countries. Take that money and invest in AFFORDABLE COMPUTING SOLUTIONS if you have to, just stop giving money to other countries when you could help the people that made you all that money!