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Bill Gates Just Unleashed a Swarm Of Live Mosquitoes On A Room Full of Geniuses

Illustration for article titled Bill Gates Just Unleashed a Swarm Of emLive Mosquitoes/em On A Room Full of Geniuses

In what is probably the coolest conference-talk attention grab I've ever heard of, Bill Gates apparently just released a swarm of mosquitoes into the crowd at TED, the geniuses-only mind meld. Holy shit.


"Not only poor people should experience this," the Tweetosphere has Gates saying as he released the swarm into the audience. Malaria is a cause that Bill and Melinda have been hitting hard with their philanthropy, and this is certainly a way to drive that point home.


No word yet on the size of said swarm, or confirmation that they weren't actually infected with malaria for that matter, but as far as stunts go, this is prit-tay fucking awesome. We would know.

Bravo Bill-your sense of humor does geeks proud. [Valleywag, Twitter, Photo: TED/flickr]

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How you stop it is by spraying the hell out of that banned substance called DDT!