Biosphere is Abandoned and Beautifully Decrepit, Just Like Pauly Shore's Career

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Biosphere 2 (the biosphere, not the non-existent movie sequel) was the largest sealed environment ever created. It cost $200 million to build and included a million-gallon fake ocean. Now, its wild interior has taken over.


The Biosphere was a bit of a disaster, as detailed by the New York Times back in 1992:

Scientists ridiculed it. Members of the support team resigned, charging publicly that the enterprise was awash in deception. And even some crew members living under the glass domes, gaunt after considerable loss of weight, tempers flaring, this winter threatened to mutiny if management did not repair a growing blot on the project's reputation.


Fast forward 15 years, and it was falling apart and sold to private developers. In the future, it might be home to a development called "Biosphere Estates." Because who wouldn't want to live in a run-down biosphere? [BLDGBLOG]

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Maybe we should send Pauly Shore in there for real. He'd probably become Lord of the New Venomous Super-Fungus that Only Exists Within This Biodome.