Black-Hawk XR5 Laptops to Have Dual GeForce 8800s, Core 2 Quad Processor

With the inclusion of two 512MB GeForce Go 8800GTX graphics cards, the Black-Hawk XR5 will be the first laptop to feature such graphical power. Along with a 17-inch screen, Core 2 Quad processor and EV-DO support, Black-Hawk clearly is not messing around, and intend for the XR5 to be a desktop replacement.

However, our friends over at Maximum PC say the XR5 images shown are renders (vapor alert!), and with so much horsepower in this thing, it will probably run hot, making it not lap-friendly. No price has been announced as of yet, but if all goes to plan the Black-Hawk XR5 will reach consumers in December, hopefully with a good cooling system. [PC Microworks via ubergizmo via Sci Fi]


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