Black People Call and Text Way More Than Everyone Else

According to a new year-long study by The Nielsen Company, black people use more voice minutes and send more text messages than any other race. Like, way more.


The new study found that African-Americans averaged 1,300 voice minutes a month, far outpacing Hispanics (826 minutes/mo.), Asians and Pacific Islanders (692 m/mo.), and Whites (647 m/mo.).

Same story with texting. Blacks sent and received an average of 780 text messages a month; Hispanics 767; Whites 566; and Asians/Pacific Islanders 384 texts a month.

Presumably all of this will be very useful in the burgeoning field of Black Twitter scholarship.


The Nielsen study also found that women, on average, talk on their phones 22% more than men, and send an average of 601 texts a month, as opposed to 447 for men. 0% of those women, incidentally, are texting or calling me. [Nielsen]

Charts by Christina Bonnington


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