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BlackBerry Already Running Android Apps?

ShopSavvy, creator of the fantastic barcode reader/shopping assistant app, noticed something, well, peculiar in their logs. It shows that people in Waterloo, Ontario (where RIM is based) using the Android ShopSavvy app on Blackberry phones. The devices tracked are:

• BlackBerry 8300 ran ShopSavvy on January 31, 2011
• BlackBerry 8600 ran ShopSavvy on January 17 and 24, 2011
• BlackBerry 8520 ran ShopSavvy on February 7, 2011


This Android app trail that leads back to RIM actually corroborates a previous report of the BlackBerry PlayBook being able to run Android apps. Or maybe it's nothing, those devices are just variations of the Curve, not a PlayBook. Nevertheless, if true, it's very interesting to see RIM using Android apps to their advantage is a pretty smart move but it's unclear how Google will react (they do have strict Android Market rules). [ShopSavvy]

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Bs Baldwin

rim isn't going to be able to use android apps going through the backdoor, they are going to need to have android on their devices.