BlackBerry App World 1.1 Brings Archived Apps and Advanced Sorting, Whoopee

The newest update to BlackBerry's App World, version 1.1, launched today, and it's pretty minor but certainly welcome. Apps can now be adequately sorted by free, paid, and other rubrics, and can be archived onto either internal or external memory.

BlackBerry users have long been frustrated with the requirement that apps be stored on the oft-inadequate internal memory, and the App World 1.1 update sort of fixes that problem by allowing apps to be archived on plentiful SD cards. You still can't run apps from the external memory, but you can keep them there until you need them.


The other big (and we're using the word "big" extraordinarily loosely here) update is to sorting methods. Now you can search App World by either paid or free apps, plus other rubrics like popularity, rating, price, developer and more. It's useful, sure, but also should have come standard in the first release of App World.

In addition, App World is launching in tons of other countries: Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Portugal. None of this is particularly exciting but it does show the App World's willingness to creep along into usefulness. [BlackBerry]

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