BlackBerry Onyx Shows Its Face: One Part Bold, One Part Curve

Illustration for article titled BlackBerry Onyx Shows Its Face: One Part Bold, One Part Curve

The first handset to fulfill last month's BlackBerry codename prophesy is here, and we're pretty sure it's the Onyx. That means Curve-8900-like proportions, but with Bold genes (read: 3G).


Here's the alleged spec list:

* Camera
* Wi-Fi (no UMA support)
* QWERTY keyboard
* 480×360 resolution screen

BGR is going with the codename Driftwood (another, similarly-spec'd handset in the aforementioned leak), thinks the handset is the first of the 96xx series, and claims knowledge that it'll ship with an optical trackpad, a la the Curve 8520. But trackpad and name hypotheses aside, we've got something exciting here: a handset with the compact profile of a later Curve, but the hardware capabilities and fantastic keyboard of the Bold.

Mildly convincing speculation pegs release at September on T-Mo, but don't get too hopey until a little more evidence mounts up. [Crackberry, BGR]


Dafrety is stalking me!

Yeah because it doesnt look like the other blackberries or anything... such innovation rim, keep up the 90's look until 2030?