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BlackBerry PlayBook Will Cost Under $500 When it Hits Next Year

Illustration for article titled BlackBerry PlayBook Will Cost Under $500 When it Hits Next Year

It'll be fighting for shoulder-room with the second-gen iPad when it goes on sale in early 2011 in the US, as RIM's said their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will cost "under" $500. It'll hit other countries from March. [Bloomberg]


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Michael Scrip

Lately... most of my friends have been ditching their Blackberries for Android phones. (these are regular people in their mid-20s... not corporate users)

I can't see the general consumer going crazy for the Blackberry tablet.... when there will be many Android tablets and the venerable iPad.

This is the way I look at it: the Blackberry was born in the enterprise... and it had a short run in the consumer field because it had a great keyboard for texting and it ran a few apps.

Now, consumers want more from their phones... and Blackberry can't compete with Android and iPhone.

The Blackberry Playbook has spectacular hardware. But if someone ditched their Blackberry for some other phone... or knows someone else who did... why would they get excited for a Blackberry tablet?

I have dozens of friends on my Blackberry Messenger right now... but I will give all that up next month when I get an Android phone.

The Blackberry Playbook does nothing to excite me either.