Blackhawk Secretary Trunk Is the Air-Stream of Large Luggage

Illustration for article titled Blackhawk Secretary Trunk Is the Air-Stream of Large Luggage

Because who doesn't need a six-foot-tall piece of travel luggage clad in aircraft-grade aluminum and capable of carrying the contents of a small apartment?


The Blackhawk Secretary Trunk from Restoration Hardware is a solid hardwood case covered in aircraft aluminum. It's rounded edges are meant to evoke airplane designs from the 1950's. RH is even kind enough to "pre-stress" the aluminum—aka bang the shit out of it with a hammer—to give it a "well-traveled" appearance. It hinges in the middle to open into a small office with storage and space to set a laptop.

I wouldn't even travel with it—well, I would once, just to see the baggage handlers' faces—I'd use it as an earthquake-resistant fold-able home office. [Restoration Hardware via Gadget Review]



I'm converting a Road case into a travel trunk wardrobe and have my eye on another for other things like this (desk, entertainment center, etc). Road cases for rack space or amps are super tough and you can pick up ones of this size for 50 to a few hundred bucks.