Blimey! This Sherlock Lego set may become official!

This fan-made "Sherlock" Lego set may soon be a reality! Having achieved 10,000 votes on Cuusoo, the LEGO Group will now provide an official response. Based on the BBC drama "Sherlock", starring the dreamy Benedict Cumberbatch (swoon!) this Lego set, designed by Flailx recreates 221 B Baker Street.

As shown the set contains 370 pieces. I think the set should come with a sticker sheet for the mirror and rug. The set was designed with the adult collector and/or fan of the show in mind and so accuracy in matching the set was a priority. There are a number of building techniques employed throughout the set and I believe it would be an enjoyable build.


The set will feature three minifigs, including Sherlock, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson. Though it would be fabulous to also include Molly and Lestrade.

Images courtesy Glenbricker's Review

I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud.

[Cuusoo via CNET]

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