Bling'd Out Mouse for Girls: Win Her Heart With Peripherals

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People who still use the phrase "bling bling," even in an ironic fashion, are perhaps the lamest on Earth. With that in mind, take a gander at this bling'd out (::shudder::) mouse designed for the ladies. It's "embellished" with silver and crystal accents and will go a long way toward patching up any rocky relationship. "Hey, baby, sorry I called your sister a dog. Have this mouse as a token of my forgiveness."


The worst part is that the mouse only seems to sport a PS2 connection. It's a good way to waste $48, if you're into buying needless junk.

Product Page [Abernook via The Red Ferret Journal]



Yes, I own a pink Razr. Yes, I have a Hello Kitty alarm clock. Yes, I love things that are shiny and sparkley. Yes, I hate that mouse.

Form AND function people.. things should look good and function well.

The other thing that totally makes that mouse suck is that it would ALWAYS have finger prints on it. Things like that bug the hell out of me. It's the reason why I keep my beautiful iPod hidden in a case.

The PS2 connection is just making annoying useless.

Calling that tech for chicks is just an insult :(