Blink and You'll Miss These Lightning Fast, Blood-Thirsty Sumo Bots Fighting

It’s assumed that when robots one day replace humans in boxing and ultimate fighting bouts, the ensuing battles will be like watching a real-life Transformers movie play out. But these tiny sumo robots tell a different story, with lightning fast fights that are over almost as quickly as they begin.

YouTuber Robert McGregor spliced together years of Japanese sumo robots at war, each programmed with just a single task: pushing their opponents out of the ring. However, unlike human sumo matches that tend to go wild with pomp and circumstance, these sumo bots don’t care about impressing the crowds. They’re immediately out for blood, and don’t care if an opponent gets destroyed in the process.


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I’ve seen these matches before, but how exactly do they work? Are they autonomous? These seem like the almost certainly have to be autonomous based on how quickly they move.