Blockbuster Announcing a Media Streamer This Month?

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While we've known that Blockbuster was looking to get into digital distribution since they bought Movielink, according to a very confident Reuters, Blockbuster will be announcing a streaming set top box for customers to download movies directly to their televisions (a la Vudu, Apple TV, etc). That's an important point, as Reuters stood firm that it will specifically not be a service for TiVo or Xbox 360 but a product offering a service. Herein lies the mistake. [Reuters]


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Creole Trash Panda

@Law-Talking Guy: right and wrong. The greedy ass cable companies (yes Comcast i am looking at you) are rationing bandwith and raping networks for progamming fees. Most studios dont want to pay the per household share just to have their crap on demand when HBO/Skinemax or Showtime will pay them for the use of the movie and run it at a later date....then i gets to on demand anyway... Tell cable to stop f'in with the bandwith and screwing around... then you will get first run and early release on demand. Can't wait until XBLMP and ZMP gets their collective crap together and puts out good content