Illustration for article titled Bloomberg: DirecTV and TWC Might Create an Aereo-like Service

As cable companies continue to come up with creative ways to sell us TV without hooking us onto traditional cable, Bloomberg is reporting that DirecTV and Time Warner Cable are both thinking about creating an Aereo-type streaming service for customers to use. If it works like Aereo, it means you get to watch TV over the Internet through traditional cable providers.


Nothing is set yet but Bloomberg has sources saying that DirecTV and TWC are considering Aereo-type services because it might allow them to skip out on retransmission fees (in fact TWC has considered buying Aereo outright). Aereo is currently in a court battle with CBS over such fees and if Aereo ends up winning, it'll be something that big cable would definitely be interested in.

Which means the future of watching TV on the Internet would eventually be run by the cable companies that made us want a future of watching TV on the Internet in the first place. Fun. [Bloomberg]


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