Blow Ta Lamps Reminds Us Caged Pets Are Sad

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The Blow Ta Lamp is a striking design from Studio Italia Design—a lamp magically encapsulated within a glass bubble. The directional controls are executed via a magnet on the outer surface of the glass case and the power is supplied via a 12V lamp head. At $1200 the price of chic design is not cheap, but if you are in the field for contemporary art as furniture, it isn't too dear either.


Though the makers insist the power source comes from a 12V light, we know the truth; they have captured the lovable, cute Pixar lamp and all his offspring. From the picture it seems, they have abused the lights so thoroughly for their precious illuminating abilities, little Pixar has forgotten the zest for life he once had. If you ever do purchase one of these be sure not to tease them with re-runs of Toy Story without the intro, instead smash the glass and let the little tykes run free, squashing letters of the alphabet as they please. [Product Page via Technabob]



For some reason, it seems to me it would get scratched with that magnet moving around on the bare glass. Anyone else get that feeling?