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This bit of Blu-Ray news was left suspiciously out of Sony's CES keynotes and big reveals, which doesn't bode well...but anyway. Now it's out: The BD Live feature MovieIQ Sync debuted with Michael Jackson's This Is It. Woo?


Now, what does this feature do, exactly? Well here's a lets you view supplementary materials on your PC or iPhone while you watch the movie, without any of it appearing on the TV screen. The "sync" part means the information presented on your monitor or iPhone is synced up appropriately with the movie.

The disc also has a feature that allows owners to create and share custom playlists using songs from the movie. Again, not a lot of fanfare about this. Could it be that most people don't really mess around with all this extra crap on their discs, and just, you know, want to watch the movie? [BigPictureBigSound via Engadget]


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