Sometimes you just want to curl up on a Saturday night and watch a feel-good flick that'll make you feel warm inside so you can smile to yourself and ponder how all is right with the world. Blue Valentine is the perfect choice if you are feeling the exact opposite. Grab a drink.

Blue Valentine is the story of a relationship, but handles itself more like it's the story of two. First you have the story of the callous, moderately alcoholic jerkass who provides for his family but really walks the line when it comes to being outright emotionally abusive to his exhausted, and increasingly depressed wife. Then you also have the story of the dogged nice guy, chasing down the girl of his dreams after love at first sight; it's almost too good to be true. Oh and it is, because it's the same couple, and the scenes are interspersed just the right way to make your soul hurt.


To go any further into the details robs the film of some of its juxtaposition power. Suffice it to say that it's a great film, well made, and is a joy to watch from that angle, but it's also such a total bummer that aims to show you how everything you ever though could be wonderful will actually turn to total shit if given enough amount of time. A meta-juxtaposition, if you will. Now that's my kind of movie! It just came to Netflix Instant, so go check it out. But get ready for a letdown, a really good one. [Netflix]