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So, earlier this week Apple released the updated Bluetooth Mighty Mouse and Nick Starr was one of the first guys to document the unboxing. Gizmodo has kind of declared itself as unofficial Mighty Mouse haters, but unboxing pr0n is always fun to see, even if it is crap.


According to Nick there is no visual laser emitted from the bottom and the only illumination on the mouse is a green light meaning that the battery has a charge. The mouse itself weighs a tad more than its predecessor. And for the review:

This is honestly the best wireless mouse I've used. I was also able to get a $7 student discount, which still isn't reflected on the website.

Nick sounds like a bit of a frugal Apple fanboy, so you may want to go try out the mouse for yourself, or wait on a more official review before taking the $70 plunge on it.

Flickr Gallery [Via Nick Starr]


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