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Bodum's New Bistro Stand Mixer Has Me Itching to Bake

Illustration for article titled Bodums New Bistro Stand Mixer Has Me Itching to Bake

Bodum makes really great accessories for the kitchen, and it's just expanded that selection with the Bistro Electric stand mixer $400. Huh, suddenly I have the urge to make a giant batch of cookies.


A stand mixer is a little bit of an aspirational product because it's usually expensive and not everyone has the room for it. But once you get one, you never want to turn back. I like this one because it looks really nice—it's typical Bodum in that the product is based on a classic design with a little modern, colorful twist. It has seven speeds and comes with three attachments (dough hook, flat bubbler, and and egg beater). Of course, KitchenAid's stand mixer is basically the gold standard, I imagine Bodum's new version will stack up. Hey and any excuse to eat more baked goods is fine by me. [Bodum]

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Is there a good stand mixer for those of us that are not pros? I mean I would like to make a few batches of cookies, a couple cakes, and a few batches of mashed potatoes each year. I would use the thing maybe 5-10 times a year, so don't really feel the need to spend $300+ for a mixer.