Details are unclear at this time, but an American Airlines' Boeing 737-800 plane split in two, overrunning the runway at Jamaica's Norman Manley International Airport, in Kingston. One of the passengers' description is frightening.

The passenger declared that the landing seemed all normal. Everyone applauded when the Boeing touched down, after a very rough flight under heavy rain. Then they noticed the plane wasn't stopping. A big noise was heard, and the whole structure started to break down as the oxygen masks dropped and all alarms went off. Another passenger declared that the plane starting to break right in front of her. Indeed, the plane split in two when it slid during the braking phase of the landing, ending a just few meters from the sea.

Seems to me that the ABS in the landing gear may have failed. Miraculously, none of the 148 passengers and six crew on board has died. Only 40 have been reported injured. [VOA]