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The two giant stars plan to unveil a 4GB red iPod Nano in order to benefit the Product RED charity. From each sale of the $199 iPod, $10 will be donated towards The Global Fund to help out HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa. Rumors of a red iPod have been around since January of this year, but we're certain that Oprah used her cosmic powers to get this deal done.


We also heard the red iPod nano is making an appearance at the 5th Ave. Apple Store. If any readers wander down there, email us some photos of the iPod and we'll hit you up with a personalized email with your name in it and a "thank you". If we're feeling generous, we'll even attach our signature.

Oh and by the way, the reason Gizmodo was red yesterday wasn't because we were helping The Global Fund. We just sold out to Radio Shack for a day. Go us!

Oprah and Bono to unveil Product Red iPod nano tomorrow [Apple Insider]

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