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BOOMco's New Dartsplosion Fires 72 Rounds Ensuring Total Dart Supremacy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A lot of blaster fans were skeptical when Mattel decided it wanted a piece of Hasbro’s near-dominant marketshare; after all, we were all weened on Nerf weaponry. But the BOOMco line has so far delivered some impressive blasters, and its new 72-round Dartsplosion looks like it’s poised to snatch the crown from Nerf’s giant Rhino-Fire.


First popping up on Amazon Germany a couple of days ago, the folks at Blaster Labs have broken down all the awesomeness of BOOMco’s next not-so-secret weapon. Powered by six C-sized batteries, the Dartsplosion still ends up being lighter than Nerf’s Rhino-Fire meaning you can easily carry it into battle without having to worry about finding a spot to set it up. And that’s with a pair barrels that allow the Dartsplosion to carry 22 more rounds than the Rhino-Fire.


A switch toggles the blaster between automatic fire, where the Dartsplosion empties its barrels as long as you’re squeezing the trigger, to a single-fire mode letting you snipe targets one-by-one. Amazon Germany claims the Dartsplosion will be released sometime this month, and while it will come with all 72 darts, it will unfortunately only include a single Smart Stick target which is going to be quickly filled with that much sticky ammo. So you’ll just have to settle with firing the rest at your friends. [BOOMco via Blaster Labs]

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