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EBay has purchased 100% of internet product comparison site That auction site has been on quite a buying spree lately, with recent purchases like & which together cost over $700 million.


33.3% of Internet users in the US have used wireless internet. Wow, only 1/3? Can you remember the last time you weren't using wireless Internet. But I guess we're not the norm.

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Thanks to a new spambot, by the end of the 2007 around 90% of emails could be spam. Well I guess we can look forward to lots of fake stock tips and Viagra offers.


Remember that Vonage/Verizon patent suit? Well it looks like Vonage is prepared to fight. Vonage CEO, Mike Snyder, said that "we believe the Verizon patents are invalid." Well there you go, invalid. There's no stat here so we'll make one.


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