Bose VideoWave Shoves Their Tech Into a 46-Inch LCD TV With 16 Speakers

Bose thinks that home theaters are simply too complicated for most of us. Rather than rigging individual speakers and a receiver, they're banking on an all-in-one approach: the VideoWave, a TV with its own theater.

The VideoWave, Bose's first television, is a 46" LCD with a secret. Behind its display lie sixteen built-in speakers, enough to fill our mid-sized room with rich, tremendously booming sound. Filling out the setup is a single receiver that links to the TV with a single cable—allowing for hookup of up to five HD devices, and an iPod. Also introduced today was a surprisingly innovative new remote solution—a minimalist click pad remote that uses on-screen contextual menus instead of a dizzying array of physical buttons. The contextual menus will vary depending on the device in use—movie controls for Blu-ray, DVR controls for TiVo. The VideoWave will retail for $5349 starting October 14th, exclusively at Bose's own retail locations.


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