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Shock Absorber sports bras are a great innovation for the ladies and maybe even some guys with man breasts, especially for marathon runners and intense exercisers, who cite examples of conventional bras actually cutting into them.

Those brassieres have been around for a while, though, but the real eye-opener is the way the company demonstrates the characteristics of its products with its Bounce -O-Meter, a Flash app on its website. It lets you input a bra and cup size and then simulates what happens to those magnificent mamms under various exercise conditions, starting with naked breasts (NSFW), then a normal bra, and ultimately the Shock Absorber sports bra.

Take the jump for the Bounce-O-Meter:

Besides appealing to the prurient interest, it's an exceptionally well-done animation, demonstrating a real problem solved by a product that looks like it can get the job done. Even the A cups do a whole lot of bouncing around, graphically vouching for the gal who invented the brassiere almost a century ago, and the Shock Absorber creators who dramatically improved that invention. Yes, they certainly had better reasons than we do for studying breasts so carefully.

Bounce-O-Meter (NSFW) [Shock Absorber]

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